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Treasure Coast Pottery

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Cathleen Sullivan

   I have been engaged in art in one form or another my entire life, but it wasn’t until 2003 that pottery found me. Clay satisfied my need to build sculptural forms and experiment with glaze chemistry. With my children in school, I could be found at every open studio, later constructing my home studio and teaching. After an art immersion trip to Italy with the International Ceramics Arts Network, I realized I needed to learn the history and language of art.  College was an amazing experience, I studied art history, new mediums, and expanded my creative process that has catapulted my art into new directions.  In 2020 our family relocated to PSL, Florida, and I was stunned to learn there were no local art studios in PSL.  I had to travel either north or south 50 work with like-minded folks. I started poking around and became a member of the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, reaching out to folks to try to get something off the ground, and came to realize that there was not going to be anything any time soon.  That was the impetus to create Treasure Coast Pottery: I wanted art to be accessible to every resident who lives in PSL. Currently, I own, teach and manage the studio.  I am a member of the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, member of the St. Lucie Chamber of Commerce and on the PSL Public Art Advisory Board.  To see more of my artwork that encompasses many forms and mediums, please visit my personal website at

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